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When You Need More Room Consider Our Kingston Storage Facilities KT1 to Solve Your Storage Issues 

Storage Unit KT2When you are in need of more storage space for whatever reason, consider calling our Kingston storage team on 020 3744 0169 and let our friendly team of staff help you out with your storage issues. There are many reasons for why you may require additional storage space because these days so many of us find that we have so much more items and personal belongings than we did before. When you are about to embark on a relocation and need to clear out some of your things in order not to clutter your new property up, if you feel that you do not want or are actually unable to get rid of some specific items then consider storing your excess baggage and belongings that you no longer need or that you do not use all of the time in one of our KT2 storage units. You may also decide to store your personal or commercial items in one of our KT1 storage containers if you are relocating further afield, are a student moving in to temporary student accommodation or are going to be working abroad and need a stable, safe and secure place to store your belongings throughout the duration of your absence. Kingston Removals offers a great choice of high quality, safe, secure and protected storage facilities which have been specially designed to be able to accommodate your items for a long or short amount of time. Just give us a call on 020 3744 0169 and make a step forward with getting your storage need sorted with us now.

Safe Storage KT2Our Kingston storage facilities are the best and most secure way of storing your belongings for an unlimited amount of time, as all of our storage units are watched by our professional and trustworthy team of staff who will remain on site at all times, as well as our CCTV cameras so you can guarantee that your stored belongings are watched and looked after at all times. We will not enter in to your storage container at any point, as the only time in which your storage unit will be opened and your belongings will be accessed only if and when you decide to visit the KT1 storage site where your personal possessions are being stored to access them and check on them if you choose. You can select the right storage container that is best suited for the amount and size of the items that you have and wish to store in one of our facilities. You can rest assured in knowing that our storage facilities are the best and most cost effective way of storing any amount of belongings for you in a safe and secure premises. It is far cheaper hiring our Kingston storage solutions rather than buying or renting a larger property to store your extra belongings and in addition, if you are moving to a new property as well then you would definitely be best to hire our team to take care of all of it for you.

Kingston Removals is the best KT2 storage company that you need, as we are the best way to ensure that your personal and commercial belongings and whatever else you may be storing are kept safe, clean, dry and free of pests and thieves. So to make sure that you do not miss out on the safest and most cost effective way of storing your belongings give us a call on 020 3744 0169 now.

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